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First things First…

I showed up for my first day… not knowing what to expect. First thing I noticed was this place wasn’t like any office I’ve ever been in.

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The Music that built Hot 97

In my previous post I mention how when I was younger all I basically listened to was Freestyle music. Well before Hot 97 was Hot 97 it was Hot 103.5 and the music they played to become prominent was Freestyle.

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It Was All a Dream…

So where did it all begin? I guess you could say it started with a simple love for music. There is power in good music, the power to change moods and unify people. Music can tell a story or capture … Continue reading

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Allow Me to Reintroduce Myself…

So I got to thinking… Earthquakes Tremors in NYC, along with Tornadoes, Hail Storms, Brooklyn itself smelling like it was burning, the Jets in first place, not to mention THIS… means only one thing… Clearly the end is near… so … Continue reading

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