We’re All Gonna Die!!!.. Maybe

The above video has gotten a fair amount of attention in recent days and weeks as something we all, as American citizens, should be gravely worried about. If you don’t have the 1:46 to spare to watch it, basically it paints a dire scenario and the need to preemptively prepare for it. Two things… 1, despite the bevy of recent uploads this video originally dropped in 2008 and 2… it’s from THE ONION. I thought The Onion logo where a C in C-Span should be was a give away. I was wrong.

The resurgence of this video and many others with a smidge more credibility highlight the fact that there is a very strong sub culture of mistrust and fear among the populace. I’m not necessarily referring to the Occupy Wall Street crowd, since their misplaced trust is stemmed in the factual abuse of govt and the wealthiest factions of this nation and the misappropriation of funds therein (700 billion and counting).

I’m referring to those who feel something is coming that is some time soon, dunno when exactly and it will be quite disastrous or not at allĀ  maybe, but it will CERTAINLY kill us all…. eventually.

Take for instance the latest home grown terror threat right around good ol turkey day (which happens to mark the annual celebration of the original occupy movement… word to the Wampanoag tribe). Allegedly some Dominican dude from uptown Manhattan was planning to attack something somewhere… and kept a Website where he influenced people! I wonder if his blatant use of THE INTERNET!! will lend fuel to the fire that is the disguised Net Neutrality bill… time will tell. Kind of reminds me when home boy boarded a plane with an underwear bomb around xmas and now we get microwaved everytime we fly to south beach and points there after… but I digress.

The perpetual state of fear/omg I cant believe this is happening!! that we are kept in allows us to take a satirical video such as The Onions 2008 offering and accept it as fact with little delving or research of our own. This is what we should be on the look out for… Fear mongering. Not The Onion… but the person who superimposed a link to a survival gear website over that very video. Capitalism is never scared my friends, and people have done far worse for a buck in this great land of ours hence OWS.

Will something happen? The law of averages suggest certainly. In any time line the probability of a plausible event happening only rises as time goes on. And we as a species seem not only consumed with consumerism, but also our own mortality and the violent cataclysmic ending of such through Michael Bay inspired explosions and and theatrics. My advice… chill a bit and enjoy everything you can.

Despite OWS’s fight for us… the 99%. In terms of the world we’re the 1%. I think this every time I turn on my lavish indoor running water or hit the power button on my air conditioner in 90 degree heat. Moral of the story? Fight for what you want… but not so hard you lose perspective of what you have… and be prepared for the boogie man, but not at the expense of your ability to laugh at an excellently crafted sketch.


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