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East WillyB

East WillyB … a new web series named after colonial Bushwick First let me say East Williamsburg doesn’t exist. Much like Bedford Stuyvesant Heights and East New York Gardens, East Williamsburg is a creation of overzealous realtors and real estate … Continue reading

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What’s Beef?

‘They’re about to set it off like Vivica.’    There are few things in Hip Hop as gratifying as a good rap feud. Sides are picked, lines in the sand are drawn and if you’re lucky people debate line for … Continue reading

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Is Publishing Dead?

Someone as recently as a week ago asked me my opinion on starting a magazine. My first thought is, “But it’s 2011?!”. Meaning why would anyone opt for a painstakingly produced brick and mortar mag when you can publish online … Continue reading

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Tommy aint my… Boy

People in entertainment tend to brag about how much work they put in and how they ‘Never sleep, cause sleep is the cousin of death nah mean’. While I can’t verify the hustle of anyone else, There was a time … Continue reading

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The 50 Cent issue

The 50 Cent cover saga… This was the magazines 3rd cover behind the Star and Bucwild and Eve covers respectively. While the Eve issue has a story all its own, this cover is when things started picking up momentum.

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Forks Over Knives

As a nation recovers from the post Thanksgiving stupor and licks its wounds from cage fighting for half priced flatscreen TV’s and Xbo 360′s, I’d like to examine something most of us take for granted until it is too late. … Continue reading

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We’re All Gonna Die!!!.. Maybe

The above video has gotten a fair amount of attention in recent days and weeks as something we all, as American citizens, should be gravely worried about. If you don’t have the 1:46 to spare to watch it, basically it … Continue reading

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The Cautionary Tale of Ray Boogie

In a time before working with record companies and magazines… A time before the luster of the entertainment business was peeled back to reveal its sordid unsavory underbelly, there was a time when I was only a fan of the … Continue reading

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14 Not So Typical Love Songs

So V-Day is finally upon us. To some the most dreaded holiday of the year…to others the most joyous. Imma let you know I don’t care either way. Remember the grass typically seems greener on the other side. This post … Continue reading

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Mood Music

Yesterday many paid tribute to the memory of Big Pun who passed away 11 years ago. Even over a decade since his passing, fans keep his memory alive through his music and through their favorite quotables. This is the power … Continue reading

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